The History of Roxanna Reviews

So for those of you who don't know about my review vids, I thought I'd fill you in.

Sometime in 2014 I made a few product review type of vids for adult toys. I included a demo section in each review, making them incompatible with YouTube. Since they were adult-rated in nature, I uploaded them on my ExtraLunchMoney  profile.
I only charged a few bucks for each short vid, but they ended up being super popular. So many people bought them that I decided to edit them to make them YouTube friendly. I uploaded two previously-made  videos during the summer of 2015.

Fast forward to autumn of 2015. I was looking around for a sales job and came across a spokesperson job. They were looking for a model to review toys and link back to and for this they would send me a few freebies. I made the videos for them reviewing some vibrating anal beads. They liked the vids, but I guess my vids didn't result in much sales for them because they didn't ask me to review more.

But I had already gotten the ball rolling. I continued uploading videos on YouTube, and before too long a representative of Pink B.O.B. contacted me. She had seen my videos and was impressed. She encouraged me to contact a distributor website that sells their products on Amazon, and even put in a good word for me over there. They got back to me before too long, and I was on my way to making dozens of product review toys!

It's been about five months since I landed this second sponsorship. Trying out new products and giving my honest opinion is great! I have so much fun testing them out, and making the videos has helped me improve my production skills. My videos are increasing in quality as they increase in quantity.

Below is the very latest Roxanna Reviews episode. I go over the features of the Entice Power Vibe by Pink B.O.B. Enjoy!

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